About Picnic

Picnic Designs is based in Tuxford, perfectly located to provide creative services to Retford, Worksop, Lincoln Newark, Gainsborough & surrounding areas. 

Design is an important tool that enhances how you communicate with other people. It serves to convey your ideas in a way that is not only effective but also beautiful.

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More than just art, is a medium of communication.

When used properly comprises the basic building blocks of human visual understanding: semiotics, proportion and colour.

The purpose is often to sell a product, but it may also be used to create a belief system, communicate a social or political message, provide context or generate emotion in the audience. Design has been used for thousands of years to establish the weight of religious, social and political movements through iconography, as well as give meaning to the world’s most powerful brands!

With this in mind, its importance in society is clear: A message so well condensed and balanced in its use of the basic blocks that it’s far more powerful and effective than a sales speech.

As the saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words”!


Creative, Passionate & Thoughtful.


Make something tasty – Whatever the brief, I strive to make something tasty and memorable.


Thinking DifferentlyUnderstanding everything at disposal and forming the best solution to the problem with what is available, this sometimes means using non-conventual tools.


Making the Impossible, Possible – Using creativity to solve problems to make every Picnic Design something special, engaging and imaginative.


Made with Love – Passion and creativity go hand-in-hand. Creating creative/appealing solutions is at the core of Picnic Designs.

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Picnic Vision

Use creativity to create tasty designs & ideas to make brands grow.

Brands that have enjoyed a Picnic.

Big or small, every customer is treated the same because you are just like us, ambitious and open-minded to change.

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Client  Testimonials

See how much our clients enjoyed their Picnics.

Ali Stacey

Managing Director - Royal Scaffolding

Absolutely brilliant service. Couldn't be happier with our company logos. Our website, advertisement and marketing campaign are top level and we are getting everything we could want from the service and more! We can't stop recommending Picnic Designs to every business we come across! Clever and eye catching ideas through and through!


James Higham

Managing Director - Premier Movers

Absolutely amazing, Nick has taken on all my web/design work for all my companies now and the service is so personal and faultless. Keep it up Nick you should be very proud


Freddie Booth

Owner/PT - Elevate Fitness

Nick goes above and beyond to help you with all aspects of website and graphic design, always top quality and fast turn around. Would highly recommend.


Richard Jacobs

Managing Director - CoDixy Web Hosting

Great Quality, fast delivery and very helpful staff. Will use again!


Meet the Picnic Team

Brand Specialist, Designer, Marketer, & Web-Designer, the Picnic team really does it all!


Hey, You’re not supposed to be able to see this.


Nicholas Michael

Started Picnic Designs in 2016, with a desire to amplify brands and provide high ROI.

Favorite Food: Donuts

Branding Specialist

Nick Michael

Passionate about branding/logo design, will often be found rabbiting on about logos.

Favorite Food: Logo?

Web Designer

Nickoli Mikael

Can see HTML, CSS & HEX like Neo sees the matrix.

Favorite Food: Cookie

Marketing Manager

Nikolasz Mihály

“It is not just marketing… it is brand storytelling!”

Favorite: Paprika Tacofüllung

Graphic Designer

Nico Michaels

Fluent in pantone, hates c*mic sans, buys food based packaging design.

Favorite Food: Packaging

Easter Egg Maker

Nikola “Tesla” Michael

Has hidden various easter eggs around the website.

Favorite Food: easter eggs & cookies