Bioshock Poster

January 22, 2014
A MAN CHOOSES, A SLAVE OBEYS. A friend of mine told me a detailed analysis of the video game epic “Bioshock.” The story deals with powerful themes such as free-will.

The poster has a variety of quotes that are featured in the game and reflect the main theme of free will.  Spoilers: You play as a man with a chain tattoo on his wrist (the implication is that despite appearances you are a slave). The leading character is a sleeper agent programmed to act when he hears the phrase “would you kindly,” this phrase and chain tattoo are hidden at the top of the poster.

bioshock mockup
bioshock hoodie

I also hid the phrase “We all make choices but in the end, our choices make us,” this is hidden in the interior space of the hand featured in the poster. The placement of this is reflective of both the game and life, we make choices in our mind and often implement them with our hands, these choices add up to our legacy.