The original image

August 24, 2019

Pretty please can you send me the original?

Let’s breakdown what “sending the original” means, you may wonder what is the original image and why it is important… finally, we will look at the best ways to send the original image to someone. 

sebastian unrau sp p7uuT0tw unsplash

(High res image)

sebastian unrau sp p7uuT0tw unsplash low res

(low res image)

What is the original/hi-res image?

The original image is the original file that the camera took when taking the picture it will have high resolution and bigger file size. The better the camera the higher the resolution and file size will be. The resolution simply means how many pixels make the picture up, exact resolution varies from camera to camera, but for example, this image is 6000×4000. This means this particular jpeg is made up of 6000 pixels across and 4000 tall, thus totalling 24 million pixels where the image can show all its details. 

For comparison, a low res image maybe only 600 x 400 which will be a smaller file, which is quicker to send but will not have the same level of detail as it is only made up of 24,000 pixels which are considerably less than 24 million. because of this reduced grid space, it is impossible for the image to preserve the same amount of detail as a high res image it literally hasn’t got the space. 

Images and the internet. 

We all see images online all the time, but more often than not we won’t be looking at a high res original, images that we see on websites and social media websites have had their quality drastically reduced so that they can load quickly on a variety of network speeds, this is why your images will look better in your camera roll than then when they have been uploaded. These websites have a lot of images to serve to a lot of users, for example, if you had only 10 friends on facebook and the all uploaded 10 high res picture of their weekend, this could potentially add up to 1GB which would mean it would take your news feed 25 mins to load (on 5mb p/s connection speed.) 

Facebook Feed

Why is it important 

I always want your projects/images to look as great as possible, this includes making sure all images used look professional. Using a low res image will bring down the aesthetic appeal of any project, makes the project look unprofessional and cheap, creating an undesirable impression for anyone that sees it.


Depending on what you are sending from there are a couple of options but never send images via social media, chat apps as they often compress the image to ensure that the recipient receives the picture quickly.

Often the best thing to do is attach the original image to an email and send it that way. If you are sending an email from an iPhone in the app mail application, the app will offer which size to send if this happens click “send original”. 

iphone mail send original


Alternatively, there is a website called WeTransfer was founded in 2009 as the simplest way to send big files around the world. You can upload images straight from your phone or drag and drop the images you want if you are on a desktop! It really is the best way to send images, simply choose the images you want to send and type in the email of the person you want them to go to and WeTransfer will take care of the rest. 

Wetransfer how to