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Based just outside of Newark NG24, Picnic is perfectly located to provide you a website for your next project. Fill out the quote form below or visit the contact page to get in touch & start a quote.

Is your website appropriate? What does it say about your business? Your website should look great across all screen sizes & highlight your services and brand as well as converting visitors into customers.

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With 48.71% of global website traffic coming from mobile phones. Your website has to be responsive.


Is it fit for purpose … can customers find you and can they find what you do? Has your website been tailored to your specific needs and goals?



Can you be found on Google? Is your website fast? User-friendly? & home to good information.


Do you know what pages are being visited? Where is the traffic coming from?  How long are they staying on the site?

Web Projects

Below is a collection of posts that I have worked on. Where producing a website was the main brief.

Benefits of Picnic 

Expert Design

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Having a background in design, a key strength of Picnic is design principles (e.g. space, balance, hierarchy) with these principles in mind I focus on text accessibility. Some developers overlook these principles and go on to make feature-rich websites but however also feature an incoherent design language, resulting in a poor user experience.  


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Going local always has its benefits, supporting the local business community and economy. But particularly in the creative field, it is important to have someone that you can communicate with, this may mean visits or phone calls. Especially during the development of a project, it’s great to communicate and define distinct USPs for your brand.


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Your website should prominently display your branding, not just by using the logo in the header but display your brand/feel in all elements of your website from the written-copy, to the images & layout. Additionally, many Picnic sites feature interactive elements, elevating these sites above others by utilizing techniques such as sticky elements & animations. All to increase time visitor spends on the page, aiding SEO.


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The Picnic branding was inspired by the simple honest and unpretentious feeling of a picnic, many design studios use high-end intimidating branding coupled with technical jargon, employed to make them look, expert. However, this is not the Picnic approach employing brand-strategy to make design decisions to match the brand and reach your audience, without all the technical mumbo-jumbo.

5 Star Reviews

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Also focused on making clients happy, see our reviews to see what our clients say about picnic projects.

Client  Testimonials

See how much our clients enjoyed their Picnics.

Ali Stacey

Managing Director - Royal Scaffolding

Absolutely brilliant service. Couldn't be happier with our company logos. Our website, advertisement and marketing campaign are top level and we are getting everything we could want from the service and more! We can't stop recommending Picnic Designs to every business we come across! Clever and eye catching ideas through and through!


James Higham

Managing Director - Premier Movers

Absolutely amazing, Nick has taken on all my web/design work for all my companies now and the service is so personal and faultless. Keep it up Nick you should be very proud


Freddie Booth

Owner/PT - Elevate Fitness

Nick goes above and beyond to help you with all aspects of website and graphic design, always top quality and fast turn around. Would highly recommend.


Richard Jacobs

Managing Director - CoDixy Web Hosting

Great Quality, fast delivery and very helpful staff. Will use again!


How it works?


Contact & Quote.

Provide a brief outline of your business, goals & anything else you want on your website. Don’t worry if you’re not sure where to start, I have plenty of experience planning pages, If you don’t know where to start. Get in touch with the contact form below.


Plan & Develop.

I will write up a formal plan for pages and details of information to be included on the website. Once the content document is approved, I will start preparing webpages & will stay in touch with you during development, proving progress reports. 


321 & We Are Live!

Once the website is finished and approved, we will make the website live & open to the world. You will be provided with access to the analytics of the website so you can see how it is performing. Additionally, we can plan for future website updates & features.