Time Watch Company Website

February 10, 2021
E-commerce website for luxury watch & gifts company located in Nottinghamshire.
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Website Features

Product Categories

The website features a variety of product pages allowing visitors to see the different types of products on the website. These include seeing watches by brand (Accurist, Limit & Sekonda), watches for men & women, they also have sculptures, gifts, Jewellery, Gifts, Clearance, Clocks & Wrendle Products. Each of these pages highlights all of the relevant products. 

Additionally, the main shop page allows visitors to filter certain products using the categories mentioned above without having to navigate to different pages.

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Responsive Design 

The website is responsive and allows users to both browse and shop for all the products that they have available on a variety of different devices. This is critical as more than  50% of global website traffic coming from mobile phones. 

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