Royal C&S Website

August 30, 2020
Construction and scaffolding website fit for a King. - Showcasing a clear navigation structure and impressive service list displayed for both commercial and domestic customers. As well as showcasing the regal branding.
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Website Features

Clear Structure

The new website features all the companies’ services so that uses can navigate

the site and see all services provided by Royal CS, these services have been split into two categories Scaffolding & Construction, additionally, they can be viewed by user-category or sectors. The website features both a commercial and domestic service these pages feature the top services for those types of customers i.e. extensions listed prominently on the domestic page.

The website also highlights its regal branding which was designed to make them look more professional than their completion, as well as targeting a wealthier demographic.

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Branding Exploration

An example of how the branding has been explored is on the about page where the meet the team section features framed images of a painting of the founders, these paintings have been modeled to look like a 17th-century portrait which is an item befitting a royal palace, similar to the coming soon page. This is unique to this brand and makes it memorable in its industry.

Other examples of brand exploration include imagery of palaces, which all have been carefully selected to embody an enhance the regal branding.

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