Royal Coming Soon Webpage

July 22, 2020
With the Royal Branding Project, Put together a temporary coming soon page, designed to embody the regal branding, differentiate it from other construction sites.
RCS coming soon ipad fancy a
RCS coming soon iphone gold
RCS coming soon mac q32
RCS coming soon ipad web

Website Features

Coming Soon Page is a special kind of webpage layout that gives people a sneak peek at what is coming, while also hiding the real work being done on-site.

Serving two main functions Cross-promotion, The Coming Soon Page should contain links leading to the Royal social media accounts.

It is also helpful for lead generation. As the full website content is not currently ready, we have put a contact/quote form on the bottom of the page.

The design features an ornate/antique art nouveau style frame, which has been used as it amplifies the regal brand. 

RCS coming soon mac ipad iphone2
RCS coming soon iphone

More info

The painting featured inside is a 17th-century portrait which is an item befitting a royal palace, has been edited so that the subject appears to be working on a laptop, which has had its branding replaced with the Picnic logo. On hover, the painting moves, lifting and tilts, as though it was a real painting tilting on a wall, the movement reveals a secret button,  which links over to the maker’s website, tying into the logo on the laptop and the copy, which reads  “Our royal designer is hard at work. We are open for business but our website is currently under.”

This coming soon page highlights the company’s sense of humor, as well as personifying the regal branding both in the art direction and the copy, as well as being an advertisement for Picnic Designs.