Rodwell’s Website

April 1, 2021
Light & Clean Website for Rodwell's Window Cleaning. Small Window Cleaning Company Based in Doncaster.
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Website Features

Branding Exploration

The website is light and friendly featuring a modern design that is optimised for mobile and tablet. The layout is dynamic as images move when the user scrolls down the page. These images have been set in circles to mimic the motion of bubbles on a surface that is being cleaned, these images open on tap, allowing the visitor to see the image in full. 

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Clear Structure

The new website features all the companies’ services so that uses can navigate the site and see all services provided by Rodwell’s Window Cleaning, these services can be accessed in a variety of ways either by the navigation bar. Also, there are highlighted on the home page and the services page, so visitors of the website can see the relevant services regardless of how they navigate the website. 

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