Premier Movers Website

October 14, 2020
New website is more modern with some new mobile features (including forms and chat feature), as well as visually highlighting the friendly brand of Premier Movers.
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Website Features

Branding Exploration

We explored the branding by making things look friendly and making things easy to use. For example on the about page there is a photo album that on scroll fans out, replicating the way we would see physical photos if a friend showed them to us. Additionally, the copy on the website was is friendly leveraging the owner’s perspective and viewpoint to highlight it is a family-run company.

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Mobile Contact Menu

A fixed footer menu has been applied t the site emulating the quote bar that sites on the left of the page on the desktop site. When on mobile the footer which displays all the primary contact forms on the site, quick call, call back, video call, request a visit, and WhatsApp, that allows website visitors to contact the key members of the company for organizing a quote. 

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