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October 17, 2019
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WEBSITE Features

Portcullis’ website has gone through a complete renovation, it was built to provide customers with more and clearer information on the products and services they offer.

It is now far more visually appealing, has a whole new set up of services and sectors that go more in-depth than ever before. It also now has a dedicated accreditations page, showcasing all the certifications Portcullis have, which recognizes thier quality and high level of service.

Responsive Design

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Other Improvements

Although a services section existed on the previous site it was muddled. The installation service was in the same section as repairs that had very similar content to the maintenance section making it difficult to differentiate and understand what exactly services we are capable of.

The new site is the complete opposite, the services page still has its own section and each category: site survey/design, installation, maintenance, and 24-hour call-out service. They all have their own content specific to the individual service and make it clear and concise exactly what Portcullis can do for its customers.

You can see for yourself by visiting the Portcullis website.

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The new site is bold, modern which suits the brand and products.

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Old website

The old Portcullis website had poor legibility. White text set against images (which varied in brightness) made it difficult to read the text on any page. This isn’t to say white-text on images is always bad, but it must be done carefully. The whole 21-page website featured a single-page layout that was inflexible and offered no variety in the way that the pages looked, this contributed to the website feeling stale and old.