PNK9 Dog Security Website

February 17, 2021
Brochure website for new Canine Security company based in Lincoln serving nationwide. High end design to portray a high quality company and high quality service.
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Website Features

Branding Exploration

The website echoes elements of the logo and branding. Using serif typography across the site for both headers and call-outs. This helps personify the high-end aesthetic of the logo/branding across the site. This will distinguish PNK9 from various competitors as the site is visually much more premium and highlights to potential customers their high-end approach. Additionally, this will suit their demographic as this will be a service company for other businesses.   

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Interactive Drone Section

On the General Purpose security page, there is a section highlighting PNK9’s use of thermal drones this was something they were keen to display as its sets them as an industry leader by using cutting-edge technology to further secure various sites. 

To display this we got some aerial imagery & placed the drone on top of said image, which moves independently as the user scrolls past the section creating a 3D effect that highlights how the drone is flys above a site. Additionaly, when the viewer either hovers above the site image or touches it dynamically switches over to the thermal view in which highlights the site intruder visually as the drone would, showing the viewer the benefit of this technology and service.   

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