Picnic Magic AR Cards

September 15, 2020
Magic augmented-reality business card that plays the Picnic brand song, displays showreel video. As well as offering contact details as well as showcasing some of my favourite projects.
Picnic BusinessCard real rear

About the Card.

I wanted to make a special card for myself, something that blended traditional print design with modern technologies. The solution was using Augmented Reality to make the business card interactive. Scanning the QR code will launch open your browser-camera and enable you to scan the card unlocking the AR experience. When activated the card plays the Picnic Showeel which highlights both work and available services.  You Can preview the experience below.

More info

The video has a variety of overlays that are timed in line with the video, additionally, there is an overlay that opens my contact card which allows the user to add my contact to their phone with a single click. Other overlays include shortcuts to send me an email or call me directly. There are also other buttons linking to social channels, the main CTA encourages viewers to visit my website. 

Picnic BusinessCard real rear
Picnic BusinessCard real front

Card Specification

Format: 8.5 x 5.5 cm
Printing orientation: Portrait
Paper: Pearl paper
Weight: 300 gsm
Special finish: None
Finish options: None
Lamination: None