Peckish Birds Business Cards

March 22, 2018
A business card is a was for Peckish Birds, a pet food company based in Nottinghamshire

About the Card.

After I developed them a stand and brand identity (can be seen below, in top left photo ), some documentation such as above leaflet and a business card was needed to add to the companies marketing materials.

peckish business card back
peckish business card front
peckish business card front
peckish business card back

More about Card

Because the main brand touchstone is a stylized wooden stand,  I used this wooden texture in the leaflet. Opting for an open gatefold style leaflet the cover is like a tree trunk that can be opened up to tell the story of the company. Using other organic textures such as cambium (inside of a tree) I added effects to the logo to further stylize this in a skeuomorphic design that carves the logo and identity into the wood.

UK business card (85x55mm), formed in gatefold fashion. The type in the document is the ‘Day Roman,’ typeface found in the logo and leaflet.