Musto Development Logo

November 1, 2020
Construction Company in Retford needing new logo.Wanting to use their own name to instill a honest and trustworthy feeling in customers.
1022 Musto Logo presentation
1022 Musto Logo presentation2
1022 Musto Logo presentation3

Upward M – Concept 1


The horizontal stems of the “M” have been used to make a 3D pattern, which doubles as a corner of a building. The pattern is bold and in-line with the construction industry. The square view-port of the logo means that we don’t know the end height of the logo/ building, lending itself to large projects as well as small ones.

The logotype is bold and tightly packed emulating the bricks of a construction project, Additionally, the positioning of the logotype is unconventional as it lines up to the top of the logo, instead of centrally, this compliments the sharp clear lines of the mark.

Simple Shield – Concept 2


Monogram uses the letters “M” & “J,” to form a shield, telling customers that work done by Musto will be durable and strong. It has been constructed with a 16×16 grid, the characters are 2 squares wide this has been done for maximum scalability and so will be seen clearly when viewed from a distance.

The logo highlight is a red square that is also used at the end of the sentence, this square fits into the monogram completing the shield, showing that everything needs to be constructed even this logo.

Chevron M – Concept 3


Using the “M,” from Musto to make 2 arrows, which also create a 3d illusion of rooftops, the color scheme emulates many construction projects using a distinct & eye-catching yellow. This chevron has a lot of forwarding momentum and creates a sense of urgency.

The bold consecutive nature of the mark is contrasted against the logotype, which is lowercase and has been made to look friendly and relaxed. Additionally, by not capitalizing the “M,” it makes the “Musto,” look more abstract like a company that combines two words
(e.g. ASDA: ASquith + DAiries) & less reliant on the brand-name being a family name, for the best of both approaches.