Musto Business Cards

November 24, 2020
Following the Musto/Provectus Branding Project, it was time to apply the branding.
musto square card7 square
musto square card1
musto square card6
musto square card4

About the Card.

Square business cards are perfect for those seeking a less conventional way to introduce themselves. The square design features an unusual form factor making it more interesting than a typical 85x55mm card. The square shape of the card also echoes the industrial nature and shape of the logo. 

musto 1 square card2
musto 1 square card
musto 1 square card
musto 1 square card2

Card Specification

Format: 5.5 x 5.5 cm
Printing orientation: N/A
Paper: Classic Demimatt – Matt Coated
Weight: 350 gsm
Special finish: None
Lamination: None