Library: Get it Right Campaign

June 10, 2015
DO YOUR RESEARCH…DUH. The advert highlights the result of not doing your research.

Using the medium of posters that feature quotes famous figures, I twisted this medium that the student demographics enjoy (due to use on social media) & made it eye-catching by using clearly absurd quotes, the audience would see the people and read what they supposedly said & think “That is wrong! BuzzLightyear said that!” at which point they would read the campaign tagline “Get it right,” which is coupled with the library logo in the footer.

This we create the association of going to the library to check your facts when doing research and that if you go to the library you will ‘Get it right.’


Part of the project included presenting to the library staff and when I had to present the adverts to the staff, they all appreciated the humour behind the campaign with one of the Librarians getting an especially big laugh from the ‘Van Gough Ad,’ where the copy absurdly reads “Friends, Romans, countrymen lend me your ears,” which was actually said by Julius Ceaser .


In tangent with the  project, I did while studying part of the brief was to make an ad campaign that embodied the spirit of the branding I had developed. As the logo was very black and white and the main design cue was that it features a ‘@,’ symbol instead of the ‘a,’ which denoted it was a modern library but traditional, in that you could get information in the most traditional organic way going and getting the books as well as modern thing such as accessing resources online.