Library Branding

July 1, 2016


The logo was very black and white and the main design cue was that it features a ‘@,’ symbol instead of the ‘a,’ which denoted it was a modern library but traditional, in that you could get information in the most traditional organic way going and getting the books as well as modern thing such as accessing resources online…


One of the ways I wanted to highlight the huge collection of the e-book that was available to students was to hand at ‘physical e-books.’


These ‘physical e-books,’ were essentially leaflets that contained QR codes that could be scanned and would link to the book online via the library portal. The leaflet also features different referencing methods for the text on this inside page, so when students need to add Harvard referencing to their work, the information was right there accessible to them. The idea was really flexible as the cover was just the cover of the original text as seen above with a book I used whilst studying called “visual research”. At the start of any term, tutors could print out their own ‘physical e-books,’ and cheaply give out great quality resources for students that they could keep.

Another part of the project was an advert, I did a parody/satire ad campaign to highlight the benefit of doing your research.