KSL Logo

August 18, 2021
Updating logotype from “Knight,” to “KSL”. Knight Scientific is in the vitamin/supplement/dietary market. In addition to the vitamin aspect of the business, KSL offers testing of which is the most accurate way to measure/ compare ingredients and finished products. The new logo display vegan, natural qualities &/or show the guarantee of repeatable accurate testing products.These visual qualities will ingratiate KSL in the health market as well as making their branding more professional & making the products more appealing/ trustworthy to consumers.
1022 Musto Logo presentation
1022 Musto Logo presentation2
1022 Musto Logo presentation3
1022 Musto Logo presentation3

Blackletter Green Leaf – Concept 1

Traditional, English, Natural

The main logo is a “K” monogram, whose type style would be classified as blackletter, which is an early bold, ornate style (used between the 12-17th century).The black letter is sometimes referred to as “Old English” using this style for logo paints KSL as an English company, with heritage. Additionally, the Black letter style would have been commonplace in the age of kings/queens (Regnal/ Feudalism Age) when Knights rode on horseback.This visual style makes the logo look unique in the health market. The logo has been set in green to signify the natural/vegan nature of KSL.

Additionally, this colour scheme subtly highlights the arms of the K character, which have been made to look like leaves further signifying the nature of KSL. The logotype has been set in Gill Sans (which is what it currently is) this provides continuity to the mark, making this an evolution of the existing logo as there are shared graphical elements. Additionally, Gills Sans is a quintessentially British typeface being used on street signs and in other places around the UK.

Heart Magnifying Glass – Concept 2

Friendly, Modern & Smart

The logo is a combination of a Heart & Magnifying Glass this union provides the implication KSL is looking very closely at what goes in the heart & body.The heart provides personal/loving quality I.e KSL love what they do, whilst the magnifying glass is a scientific tool that is universally recognised. Red has been used to make the heart visible it also provides a warm/soft feeling.   The logotype has been set in Panton (Bold) which with its rounded corners complements the warm/soft nature of the logo.Typically logos using acronyms can look cold so the visual styles used here provide a contrast to this, which makes the branding consumer-friendly & inherently more trustworthy which is critical for something you wish to put in your body.

Green Knight – Concept 3

Strategic, Natural, & Green

The logo here is a combination between a chess piece & a leaf. The Knight chess piece pays homage to the original company name (original namesake of Dr Jan & Robert Knight), whilst implying that KSL is a master strategist, showing that every decision is carefully calculated. This makes KSL look smart/intelligent with a subtle British connotation.The other element of the logo is the stem that sits at the core of the knight, this stem makes the logo also a leaf which signifies the green natural nature of the company. The typography selected for the logotype is called “turnpike” with its wide character width that makes the logo look high-end & premium (e.g. Jaguar & Range Rover), this targets a wealthier demographic, as well as making it aspirational to those who want to improve their lifestyle.

Target Loop – Concept 4

Simple, Accurate & Repeatable

The logo here is a combination of a target & repeat icon.This echoes something that was said during early dialogues about the logo,“guarantee of repeatable quality,” the target signifies quality/ accuracy whilst the directional arrows on the green circle on the outer edge create a subtle loop/repeat icon. Red has been selected for the core to create a bullseye, whilst green has been used on the outer core as this shows the natural side of the company but is also commonplace for a repeat icon. The typography is Avenir Light which has been selected for its clean/discreet quality which allows the logo to stand out more as the two aren’t competing for attention.