Klaudia Branding

January 31, 2015
While I was a in 2014 during the branding module we were told to partner up with people in the room and build them a logo/branding based on their personality.

Student brief

My partner in the project was a girl called Klaudia, she was always doodling butterflies in her sketchbooks, she told me she liked classical music with songs such as “Moonlight Sonata,”.

With all this in mind, I wanted to create an identity that had had a classy feel.

The logo is made up of two traditional treble clef symbols, set on a 45-degree angle with the other one reflected on the midpoint, which created a butterfly. This mark was housed in a light blue circle, with long-shadow that was inspired by material design (which was being introduced that year in 2014.)

To flesh out the brand-identity I also did a stationary set and few other applications of the mark including a bag and a concept website layout.