Hear The Magazine

July 3, 2020
Augmented reality magazine cover, for Top Gear Challenge 6.
TG6 video 15

Scan to activate AR experience.

Scan the QR code (below) with your phone/QR-scanner to launch the Zappar web portal, then point the in-browser camera at the magazine cover and watch it come to life!

joint qr zappar

How it was made.

First, I got Gran Turismo Sport and a steering wheel. Then, I wrote down a list of shots, got the cars sideways & started exporting game clips.

Next, I compiled them all to one master video with the TG logo & text overlays. Sneaked in a few personal easter eggs (when else am I going to get the chance to drift my car on the cover of TG?😂).

Finally, I sent over to audio magician Contis to improve GT Sport’s slightly dreary sound effects & compiled the AR experience.

Big thanks to @contis for dubbing the sound effects in.