Emerald Concept Logos

August 11, 2019
SMALL STARTUP NEEDS LOGO. The brief was to create a logo for a company called “the little moving company” they wanted this name to show that they are a small trust worth company with accountability and needed a logo that reflected this principle.
1022 Musto Logo presentation
1022 Musto Logo presentation2
1022 Musto Logo presentation3

Quality Stone – Concept 1

Emerald is made of a star, the idea of tradition is achieved with the serif lettering in the word ‘Emerald.’

Traditional – Concept 2

Tree silhouette, masked by a diamond/emerald shape. The typography is a bold serif.

Modern – Concept 3

Sans serif, bold type is modern. The emerald is illustrated in this logo with a small triangle in the top right corner of the “E,” this letter can be used independently of the logotype.