DSOC Business Cards

April 7, 2022
After updating their logo DSOC needed some new business cards highlighting their updated branding.
3 DSOC cards mockup 1
2 DSOC cards mockup 2
1 DSOC cards mockup 2 scaled
2 DSOC cards mockup 1
1 DSOC BC1 v2 ant
1 DSOC BC1 v2 rear

Concept 1

The first design shares visual cues/elements that can be found on various pieces of marketing material such as leaflets websites and other. It also features imagery used on the website to really make it feel like this card comes from DSOC and the two-match and portrays a coherent design language.

2 DSOC BC2 v2 ant 1
2 DSOC BC2 v2 rear 1

Concept 2

The second design is a little simpler but I feel it compensates and is cleaner and more distinct and a lot of companies OPT to landscape so the portrait is a little more surprising to the viewer when received. It also features a few icons on the face of the card highlighting some of DSOC services. The rear of the card is very clean with only the logo and duotone blue gradient image which has been used in the header of other DSOC material.


Concept 3

The final design is bright and bold featuring a design that stretches over the face and rear side of the card which when put together makes up the radar graphic of the DSOC logo. The QR code links to the owners of the cards LinkedIn.