Dirty Money HSBC

January 29, 2018
CARTEL BANK 💉💶💴💵🏦 Episode 4, explores the truth behind the HSBC money laundering scandal, the worldwide implications, imprisonment, death, addiction & narco-terrorism. A trail of suspicious transactions led to startling revelations about banking giants HSBC and its ties to Mexico’s deadliest Drug Cartels.

The Story

 The advert highlights the illegal practice, by using the image of Pablo Escobar, highlighting how much money ‘dirty money,’ generated by narcoterrorism and is later ‘cleaned,’ by HSBC. The Image of Escobar was originally black and white, so I had to restore the color to the photo.

HSBC typically uses a red stripe on their adverts, at they have bottom a white triangle (placed near the logo). This graphical element has been replaced with a trail of blood, depicting the ‘blood money,’.

The copy reads is taken from one of the closing statement in the documentary:

“In 2012 Mexico’s Sinaloa drug cartel and Colombia’s Norte del Valle cartel laundered $881m through HSBC in the same year HSBC avoided prosecution, 90,000 people were sentenced to federal prison for drug offences in the U.S,. Since 2002, over 100,000 people have been killed in Mexico as a result of drug cartel violence. From 2002 to 2014, heroin-related overdoses in the U.S. more than quadrupled. On December 11 2017, The U.S., Department of Justice announced its plans to dismiss all charges against HSBC.“

The advert is largely inspired by 2 campaigns one by Mindshare. as seen below.


After watching Netflix’s brilliant “Dirty Money,” Which is an American documentary TV series that tells stories of corporate corruption. Each episode focuses on one example of corporate corruption and includes interviews with key players in each story.

After watching the series I was inspired to create a few adverts, the series would satirically use the companies art style, to communicate what they are actually doing. I did adverts for the episodes about Volkswagen & HSBC.