DeBurnays: Do Your Thing! Posters

July 15, 2019
1022 Musto Logo presentation
1022 Musto Logo presentation2
1022 Musto Logo presentation3

Break Dancer – Concept 1

Bold, Individual & Talented.

Breakdancer performing a hand-stand on a dark stage, a 3D effect has been achieved by setting the ‘Do/ Thing’ behind the dancer whilst the word ‘your’ is in front of the dancer.
Bold white type is synonymous with urban music contrasted against the word ‘your’ which has been done in a graffiti-esque hand-written script to really emphasise the individuals that make up the show.

deburnaysdo your thing posters concept 1
deburnaysdo your thing posters concept 2

Different  ‘Types’ – Concept 2

Bold, Diverse & Urban

This poster has been stylized to look like a neon sign seen in urban environments advertising theatre shows. I have used three different typefaces for the 3-words of “do your thing,” to convey diversity, they are all different distinct styles, flairs, colours and characters. This design is set on a brick background to simulate an urban environment. The DeBurnay’s logo has been edited to have a slight glowing effect to better match the neon sign effect of this poster.

Big Bold Orange – Concept 3

Bright, Youthful, Energetic.

The 3D type looks like it is falling/jumping; it is all different shapes and sizes and has been arranged in a way to create an energetic sense of motion within the type. Bright-orange colour scheme is eye catching, different to both the other posters in this presentation as well as previous DeBurnay’s posters.

deburnaysdo your thing posters concept 3

Other Projects With DeBurnays

Last year for Deburnays I produced 3 other concept poster for a show called “Amazing Glaze” and then later produced a programme for the Amazing Glaze show.

About DeBurnays

Dance studio/school based in Retford, Nottinghamshire. They offer professional tuition in Ballet, Modern, Tap, Acro, Musical Theatre, Zumba, Belly Dancing, singing and Contemporary Dance. Teaching classes, to all ages ranging from 2 yrs to Adults. You can read more about DeBurnays on their facebook.