Courio Website

July 5, 2021
Following the Courio logo and branding, Courio needed a modern brochure website that shows them off as a tech-focused software company.
Courio about imac mockup web
Courio Home Iphone 12 Pro Mockup web
Courio Features iPad Air Mockup web
Courio home imac mockup

Website Features

Providing potential customers information on what the system can also allow them to enquire about the system & register for the service. 

courio ipad

Dark Mode

Dark mode is something that a lot of large companies such as Apple, Google & Facebook have incorporated on their websites and applications. So this feature has become something that users have come to expect especially when interacting with a company that is in the tech space. A dark mode toggle can be found in the menu, checking it will set page backgrounds as dark and updates the text to white. 

courio web feat
courio web demo
courio web contact
courio web blog
courio web about
courio macbook