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August 19, 2019
Security Company, Alarm Response and Keyholding needed a new website.
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WEBSITE Features

The new website was built on the foundation that the more information about ARK’s services the better the website will be.

All the pages, on the new website, provide detail of what ARK can do for its customers and how they go about it.

It has a brand-new look is much easier to read, an FAQ page to answer the burning questions, as well as, a new and improved sectors page which showcases all the businesses and homes ARK can help in becoming more secure. There is also now a newsletter subscription page, to keep customers up to date ARK have been up to over the month.

Responsive Design

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User Experience Improved

On the old website, users averaged 3 minutes to find the services, they commented that elements on the site were broken and frustrating. In the real world, a user wouldn’t spend 3 minutes looking for a list of services and would instead bounce off the site.  However, when on the new website finding the relevant services took users 7 seconds. They were able to find the full list of services, not redacted services pages that were hidden in the menu bars, like on the old site. It is difficult for a new user to know what services are available, and this is a primary function of any website.

Overall, I’m really pleased with what has been accomplished and I’m confident that users will like the new site as much as I do.

You see the website for yourself by visiting ARK’s website.

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The new site is much more user-friendly.

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Old website

On the original site, despite the services pages being very similar in content, it was divided across two pages and separated into different parts of the website.

On the new website, Services now has its own section and each individual service ARK provide, has its own dedicated page. These individual pages detail what the service is, how it works, the benefits of using the service and what it can do for your business.