928 FM Education Campaign

May 1, 2015
“GET AN EDUCATION IN…” The brief was to create an ad campaign that was targeting students, 92.8 FM in Manchester wanted to attract more student listeners in the Manchester area.

Student/Client Brief

The campaign uses the tagline “Get an Education in…” from there the different examples of the campaign highlighted the different genres of music that the station play. The tagline uses something that the student demographic know, having been a student at the time and having done the application process myself I was very familiar with the phrase “Get an Education in…” usually followed with a subject such as “Geography.”

I twisted this idea, now connecting it to 92.8’s product, subverting the expectation of an institutional education by a university and replacing it with a street-education in grime/dubstep from the people in the music industry.

The art style across the campaign reflected the high contrast images used by the company, using their logo colour in the music on show creating the association between the music genre and the radio station. The urban feel of the campaign reflects the desired demographic and subject matter.

We also did logos for a holding company that 928FM would be a part of called North West Media.