Picnic Support for Ukraine. 

March 30, 2022

Free creative services for Ukrainian refugees, looking to build a business in a new country. 

With the Russian war still escalating after an unprecedented 5 weeks for the Ukrainian people. I got thinking if there was anything that Picnic Designs could do for them. With many homes having been destroyed & families separated. The with many family businesses destroyed small families and the local economy. I would like to offer my creative services to any Ukrainian refugees (in any country) for free! So if you are away from home & looking to re-build or start your business, get in touch & let’s see what we can do together. 

Logos & Branding

I do logos & Branding and we can bring your old logos back to life if you don’t have the files. Or improve your logo and make it more appealing to a new audience. Or cook something up from scratch. 


If you need a new website to showcase your products and services, a more modern website to represent your new business location, prices, etc.*

Print Material

Production of artwork such as business cards, menus, POS stands, all helping you get noticed in your new country.**

E-commerce Website

Need to sell online? Whether you getting a shop and want to sell online or sell online exclusively an e-commerce website is the perfect way to sell online.

Social Media Posts

Using social channels to post scripted scheduled posts & reactive posts. Promoting products service and company branding, encouraging interactions. Offering giveaway is always great ways to engage your audience.

Terms and Conditions / Disclaimer

This special offer is only applicable to refugees who has fled the country of Ukraine. What is not included in the service is the domain (approx £5) & web hosting (approx £5 p/m). Any the design and development of any print documentation the only cost which is applicable is the final print cost. The ideal candidate would be someone who speaks good English to achieve efficient communication during the development cycles of creative works, work can be supplied in any language if you can provide copy for the content. Due to the long process and development of the cited works, Picnic will only be able to take on a limited number of these pro bono projects.

*Website cost: Hosting and domains would be a separate cost to a separate provider.

**The design produced by Picnic Designs is free however print production would be a separate cost.