Logos: How much should they cost?

August 25, 2019

One price doesn’t fit all.

Logo pricing can be something of a taboo subject, but the bottom line is it isn’t something that can be set to a specific price.

Size Matters!

So… why is this? The most important factor is the size of the client this impacts the design process in a variety of ways.  To be able to give a large client an appropriate logo. There would have to be an evaluation of the current branding, there must also be a clear strategy for where the company wants to go & what demographics they wish to reach etc.

In addition to this the scale effects the duration of the project, more research will be required and more advanced proofing of concepts must be explored to know that the logo will be functional and appropriate across a variety of media. A large organisation will have the branding applied to a variety of things including business assets such as websites, print branding, adverts, vehicles and many other mediums. Updating all these assets will be a long process which will often involve having new liveries designed, printed and applied if you have thousands of vehicles worldwide this will be a very expensive process and it is not economically viable to redo the logo every few years. This all demands that the logo is correct. This is why companies such as Pepsi will pay a million dollars for a logo.

Value to the Company?

Another important factor is how important branding is to the client? There are many successful companies in the world today who don’t have excellent branding, they are successful because they deliver great services. But there are other companies who have excellent branding and excel at communicating with their audience, this is a must for business that wishes to sell to consumers. 

But is also hugely valuable to business 2 business companies having professional branding shows a commitment to the company. Investing in good branding is always going to be beneficial irrespective of the audience you cater to. This is because good-looking and good-talking brand instantly creates a good impression. Even if the company has no background you would want to try them out, at least give them a call. This is precisely why it is useful. Good impression creates that “spotlight effect” and makes you stand out from the rest of the competition. In short, you will be remembered. It is worth it.

No two logos are the same!

Design is not art! & this is especially true of logo design all logos. They should all come from very specific briefs, the brief should be set to meet all the clients’ needs, whilst appealing to the intended demographic as well as being scalable. Working on its own without the logo-type, it must also work in different colours and in black and white. As well as any other things that the company/client need the mark to do.

All this mean that the process its self will be different it may mean more research, more prototyping, demographic testing and a multitude of other potential steps that a designer should take in order to deliver a successful mark. Having done a variety of projects over the last few years I can tell you that the process for all of my projects has been drastically different each time. Yes, there were similar steps but the brief always made me pursue different roads, which always makes the outcome different.


Just like if you were buying a house or a car, your specific requirements of the house you need will have an impact on the price that you will pay. If you need a car that works off-road you will likely pay more for it than an economy car that is not designed to go off-road, the extra money you pay goes into research & components that enable the vehicle to work off-road.

If you need a logo you can see the logos I have worked on my branding page.